Cat stomatitis

I have been blessed to be a part of a trial here with my cat Rebecca in the US for FCGS which is Feline chronic gingivostomatitis / stomatitis . Mutian the same company we use for treatment for the cure of FIP have developed Mutoral for the cure of stomatitis . Thousand of cats suffer daily with this life debilitating disease leaving cats unable to eat
They have terrible mouth pain they drool no longer groom themselves they lose weight and suffer terribly . My Rebecca was one of them … even with full mouth extractions she suffered daily even on atopica gabapentin and buepormorphine she still could hardly eat . Well after patiently waiting months I was able to be a part of this trial of MUTORAL. When my Rebecca was on week 2 of a 12 week treatment and her stomatitis is almost 100% GONE ! Gone! She is pain free no longer drooling no leasions sores bleeding .She can eat … she is grooming … she is back to my beautiful Rebecca. I am beyond grateful and can’t wait until this is available to everyone whose cat is suffering. Just as FIP was once a death sentence … and no longer is STOMATITIS will be curable …. What a huge game changer for thousands of cats! We need to do better by our animals here in the World! Here are some before pictures and the last is my Rebecca once again feelin confident and comfortable ! A huge Thank you to my dear friend Nancy who made sure we got in the trial when it became available!
Rebecca wants to wish all her fellow friends starting treatment good luck just look at my happy beautiful girl while 6 weeks into treatment! Mutoral saved her life
The first collage is my poor Rebecca 51 days ago before mutoral. She was drooling not grooming hardly eating unless doped up on buepormorphine and gabapentin …. She would hide wasn’t socializing i had tried everything ….. the second set is Rebecca 51 days into treatment ! No leasions…. Eating fip grooming playing back to herself she was before she was plagued by stomatitis! I am blessed to have been able to give my Rebecca her life back ! Thank you Mutian for your support and help!

I have learned that MUTIAN company also has medications for treating CKD and HCM, both of which are challenging diseases. It's truly a great company. I hope more cat owners can see this and reduce the suffering of sick cats, giving them a glimmer of hope.Parents and veterinarians who are interested can visit their official website.

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